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Haha, good answer! Maybe you already knew it, but Jin is my favorite :D

Really? You haven’t told me actually :D Awesome~

Chinguuuuuuu ♥♥♥ *hugs you tight* Hmm okay, the game... how about Inpiniteu???

Fatmaaaa unnieee ^3^ Hellooo~ <3 *hugs back*

Infinite oh god I don’t even know all the members names *checks*

Hm… I’m having a hard time choosing between L & Woohyun but… I’ll go with L ^^

Thanks for asking!

Big Bang is obvious so how about BTS? :D

Hi :D

I only know Rap Monster so I had some difficulties finding the right person with the right name that I found most attractive xD I hope I got the right guy now lol.

I choose Jin! :)

Thanks for asking~

Who do you think is most attractive in WINNER and GOT7?

Hi anon! ^^

Wow WINNER is so difficult… I really can’t pick between Mino and Taehyun x_x Hnnnnng, okay Imma go with Mino… or Taehyun…. ARGH! I guess I can’t choose lol.

GOT7? I haven’t taken a closer look at them *goes to do exactly that*

Okay so, I choose Jackson :)

Thanks for asking!

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140830 TOP at Narita Airport to Shanghai

Source: @choidot

Omfg x_x

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


140829 Seungri’s Instagram Update

#Anation #Anjinomoto #bigbang #japan 🇯🇵 盛り上がって行こうぜ!🔥


When I think about how I am going to see TO.P shirtless in Tazza 2, a little part of me does not feel comfortable about it. I think the problem is that Tabi does not feel comfortable showing skin. When I go to watch the movie and see those scenes when he is shirtless, I feel like I am going to invade his privacy. I mean yeah i’m excited to finally see him shirtless and know what he is hiding under there, but I just don’t feel right about it.


and Seunghyun’s endless struggle to make an actually funny joke continues… (x)

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