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Hi, I'm Ally (some know me as Mizu), a hardcore VIP from Sweden! This is a blog dedicated to my ultimate bias T.O.P of BIGBANG. I blog 99% about him and the 1% that is BIGBANG will occasionally be seen here as well.
I'm a ToDae shipper so if you follow me, you'll see me blogging about them quite a lot ;) Feel free to come talk to me too (then we can fangirl about BB :D), I don't bite! Thanks for visiting & following!

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"How to react when you try your best but you don’t succeed" - A guide brought to you by Choi Seung Hyun.

IKON ask game! Put a number in my ask :)

1: How long have you been in the fandom?
2: Name 5 things that you love about B.I
3: Name 5 things that you love about Bobby
4: Name 5 things that you love about Jinhwan
5: Name 5 things that you love about Junhwae
6: Name 5 things that you love about Yunhyeong
7: Name 5 things that you love about Donghyuk
8: Which of the 3 new trainees is your favorite?
9: What is your favorite cover from WIN or MIX&MATCH?
10: What makes your bias special to you?
11: What makes your OTP special to you?
12: Have you ever wrote a letter to one of the members?
13: What would you like to send to the members?
14: An unpopular opinion
15: The member who's constantly trying to be your bias
16: Your biggest fear as an IKON fan?
17: Are you also a VIP/Blackjack/Inner Circle?
18: Favorite OT6 moment
19: Have you ever seen them live?
20: How much money would you spend on an IKON concert?

141009 TOP at TAZZA 2 Premiere Event in Yokohama

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while everyone sets up for the dougie part, tabi’s inner 5 yearold takes over.

The winner of my BIGBANG giveaway!

So the winner responded and they allowed me to publish their username on my blog! The winner is…

stay-on-top-yun! Congratulations! ^^

And once again, thanks to everyone that participated in my giveaway. I’m happy that so many wanted to join :)

Winner has been picked!

Back! I have now picked a winner, messaged them and I’m now waiting for them to reply :)

It took shorter time than I expected to sort through the notes, almost everyone had followed the rules ^^ Great!

Thanks a lot to all of you that participated!! I hope to do this again in the future~

Okay guys, my BIGBANG giveaway has ended! If anyone reblogs/likes the giveaway post after this post, it won’t be counted.

Now I’m gonna go and sort through the notes, might take an hour or so, maybe more XD So I’ll be back later!


T.O.P for Movist #2!


T.O.P for Movist #1!

Join!!! :D


Come join my BIGBANG giveaway here~

For those who want but haven’t joined yet, you now have 18 hours left to join my giveaway! It ends 6PM CET.

bingu-choom-top replied to your post:Tagged!
don’t be stressed over maths! you can do it~! ^^ and awwww i’m one of your favourite followers~ hehe. ♥

Why yes ofc :3 and also one of my favorite blogs ♥

Thanks for the encouraging words, it’s really hard but I’ll do my best!~ ^^


I was tagged by bangyonggukkie! Thanks sweetie <3

When you get this, give 5 facts about yourself and then pass it on to 5 of your favourite followers

1. I’m kinda stressed right now, one reason being my math course.

2. The other reason is that I’m struggling to find a nice bracelet for Tabi (It’s for his birthday project).

3. I own a BIGBANG bag! :D I take it with me to class~

4. I spend too much time on the computer OTL

5. I’m actually a very big fan of Team B/iKON and I have a side blog dedicated to them :3

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BIGBANG (sans Seungri) for W (Nov) Magazine!

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